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Which then brings to mind, from the deep but easily accessible recesses of my brain, “The Definitions of Mulla Do-Piazza,” as related by the Sufi author, Idries Shah, where he characterizes “drugs” as “a source of the mystical experience of the ignorant.” It seems a pretty good definition, too, for these attempts to use quantitative [...]

A Beacon of Sanity in Our Age of Polarity:


On Contemporary Sufism and the Works of Idries Shah Genuine Sufis, Shah asserts, are members of an age-old tradition of experiential knowledge that is flexible and ever-evolving, and which aims to inculcate a true understanding of the nature of reality. Far from necessarily being members of an Islamic sect, Sufis have always existed within [...]

Losing Perspective


“What can you do with a person who says that he is absolutely uncertain about everything, and that he is absolutely certain about that?” — Idries Shah Our perspective is how we perceive people, situations, ideas, etc. It’s informed by our personal experience, which makes it as unique as anything could be. Perspective shapes our [...]

Idries Shah: A brief portrait


Written by Hezhbar Shinwary Recently one of the American publishing companies requested Ms. Parveen Pazhwak to translate some children’s books.  A number of these books were sent to me for the purpose of getting acquainted.  When I observed the pictures (illustrations) and studied the books I found them to be very closely resembling the life [...]

The Global Sufi


On the birth anniversary of Rumi, here’s looking at this Muslim mystic’s reception on Western shores. I am no Christian, no Jew, no Magician, no Musulman,/Not of the east, Not of the west, not of the land, not of the sea …/… my place placeless, my trace traceless. Read the whole article, here.

In praise of patience


Patience is a garment which has never worn out. (Akhlaq-i- Mohsini) In the Gardens of Babur in the Afghan city of Kabul stands a tree. It is now a bullet-riddled trunk in a garden originally built by the founder of the Mughal Empire. When the Taliban ruled Kabul, municipal services faltered, and the cold winters [...]

The forgotten mystics of the Hindu Kush


Sufism has shaped Afghan society and politics for much of the country's history. Today, very few are aware of this legacy. Might the Sufis now provide an important contribution to the stability of the country? By Marian Brehmer Read the article, here.

A Matter of Perspective


“What can you do with a person who says that he is absolutely uncertain about everything, and that he is absolutely certain about that?” — Idries Shah Keep reading more, here.

Story Traveler: “The Indian Bird Story”


In this tale from East India retold from "Tales of the Dervishes" by Idries Shah, a bird regains his freedom by taking unusual advice from his kin. Story Traveler is unscripted storytelling from everywhere in the world, stories for the heart to hear and the mind to imagine. You can listen to the tale, here.

To Feed Hungry Minds, Afghans Seed a Ravaged Land With Books


PANJWAI, Afghanistan — At first glance, it is not much of a library: two shelves of about 1,600 books and magazines in a basement room deep into a dusty alley of adobe homes in rural Panjwai District, in southern Afghanistan. The mattresses and blankets stacked in the corner still give the vibe of the guest [...]