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I-SHAH-1Idries Shah devoted his life to collecting, selecting and translating key works of Eastern Sufi classical literature, adapting them to the needs of the West and disseminating them in the Occident.

Called by some ‘practical philosophy’, by others ‘templates in straight thinking’ – these works represent centuries of Sufi thought aimed at the development of human potential to its fullest extent.

They stress virtues such as common sense, clear-thinking and humour to counteract religious (and any other) dogma.

As such they may be viewed as an antidote to radicalism and fanaticism much needed in the world today.

The Idries Shah Foundation exists to make sure that these works remain available to the public – both in the East and in the West.

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The generous donations we have received to date have made it possible for us to send 32,000 books to Afghanistan

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